Spicy Roast Chicken Recipe

I was feeling very peckish recently and wanted to make something with a high protein content. We always have meat in the freezer, so I decided to make this roast chicken recipe, which also works amazingly on an outside grill, or for a barbecue. serves 4 Ingredients 8 chicken thighs 6 cloves of garlic 2… Continue reading Spicy Roast Chicken Recipe

My Naked Summer berry Victoria sponge cake for brunch

I’m on summer holiday woohoo!! Since I finished my IB, which was a whole year ago SHOCK HORROR, all my summers have been super futile and boring. I spent a majority of last summer crocheting. So I was in the peak of my futility and realised I had a brunch scheduled with a friend. So… Continue reading My Naked Summer berry Victoria sponge cake for brunch

Easy Brunch Potatoes II (soy sesame)

As Promised, here is my lazy serendipitous brunch potato recipe. Serves two. Ingredients  1 kilo of potatoes 1/8 cup Soy sauce 30ml smoked paprika 1 table spoon sesame seeds 2 teaspoons honey 1 teaspoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon chilli flakes 4 tablespoon of olive oil Preheat the oven to 200°C or 400°F fan assisted. Wash… Continue reading Easy Brunch Potatoes II (soy sesame)